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How To Get To The One Hundred Islands

How to get to the One Hundred Islands for the best ecotourism holiday packages Philippines? is easily answered. From Clark/Angeles City (DMIA) and Manila (NAIA) international airports you can travel by road to the One Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos City, or you can travel by air from Subic Bay and Manila Bay (and from as far away as Puerto Galera and Busuanga). Alaminos City, Pangasinan is about 250km North of Manila. The travel time by road is typically between five and six hours from Manila (NAIA); the travel time is one and a half hours less if from Clark / Angeles City (DMIA). Or you can fly . . .

If you do not want to travel by road to the One Hundred Islands then you can alternatively fly by seaplane from Subic Bay, Manila Bay and from as far away as Puerto Galera and Busuanga; up to three passengers (each trip) can fly by seaplane for approximately Php22,000 (approx US$485) from Subic Bay or, Php44,000 (approx US$970) from Puerto Galera or, from Manila Bay is somewhere in between.

Once you arrive at Alaminos City (Lucap Wharf or beautiful Bolo Beach), access to the One Hundred Islands is either, by kayak or, by motor boat.

Review our all-in and do-it-yourself ecotourism holiday packages Philippines, that can include travel by road arrangements (from Clark / Angeles City DMIA or from Manila NAIA or from anywhere else), boat rental, accommodation, camping, kayaking and hiking. The range of eco holiday packages available are designed to make the One Hundred Islands your first choice ecotourism holiday packages destination in the Philippines.

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